Ouija Board – Some Tips While Using It

Ouija Board

Many people have, at some point in their life, played with what is known as an “Ouija board.” This board is said to be able to connect to spirits, and hence a lot of people use it, sometimes as a source of fun on a boring winter evening, or sometimes out of curiosity to see who will come through. People often say that “I tried it with my friends.” There is more here in this review. This board consists of a wooden board with alphabets as well as numbers and “yes” and “no” and “goodbye” inscribed on it. A small heart-shaped piece of wood or even plastic known as the planchette is used to communicate with the spirit world and this planchette is held gently by one of two people. The planchette is said to be moved by a spirit across the board to communicate with the person holding it.

Why Should You Be Careful With Ouija Boards?
There are several explanations for this, some say it is entirely fake and is manipulated by the person holding the ‘planchette,’ some say you can connect with your dead friends or relatives, and some say that it is a portal to the demonic world where negative entities could come through. While children sometimes play with it for fun, it cannot be considered a toy, because it can be dangerous. The concept of the Ouija board is not new and has been around for quite a while now. It was manufactured and marketed commercially as a toy for children at one point of time. The fact remains that this board can be extremely dangerous and had even led to demonic possession because you can never be sure of what comes through. It is true that many people look at it as a harmless game that they can play for fun. The truth is that this game is responsible for several deaths because people have played without realizing its implications.

Ever so often, there have been instances where someone played with an Ouija board, without knowing what could happen. There have been cases where deceased people have come through to communicate with the person. It could be a great-grandfather or a relative who died years ago. Mediums often use the Ouija board to communicate with the dead.

There have also been instances where the Ouija board has opened a spiritual portal for demons to enter. There have been cases of people having witnessed demonic activity in their home after playing with the Ouija board. Several times, a priest has to be called in to get rid of the demon. There have also been cases where people commit murders saying that the Ouija board made them do it. The case of Gary Gilmore or Carol Sue Elvaker is the perfect example of how people committed murders because they claimed that they were asked to do so by the board. Even teenage children have committed murders after playing with the Ouija board. Whatever be the case, using the Ouija board without proper guidance can be dangerous, because you might be inviting trouble.