Highlights Of Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell products is a brand that is very famous in the market, and its performance is also very much preferred by various hair professionals. The founder of this firm in no more, but the company strives hard to give the best products to its customers in his name. No one could forget the Paul Mitchell flat iron works as they are so adorable and attractive. This company was started in the early 80’s. The flat iron of this brand is preferred due to its very good performance. There are totally three different flat irons in this brand. Smoothing iron of 1.25″ belonging to Paul Mitchell brand is the famous straightener model in this brand. It will heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. An adjustable heat dial will be present below the on/off switch of the equipment which will allow the user to adjust the heat of the air.

This heat adjustment will not be possible in the case of GHD models. Adjusting the heat according to your hair density and nature will make sure it does not get damaged due to the high temperature or heat released by the product. So reducing the heat will make sure you style the hair without creating any unnecessary damage to the hair. This makes the product suitable for all type of hairs. In order to straighten the hair, it is essential to comb the hair, and it should be followed by the straightener. This will make sure the hair is smooth and straight. If the same is done with the hair curled around a rod, the person can get a curl effect also. This is very energy efficient as only 75 watts is used. The pales in the product will be created using ceramic and silicone, and this will be combined with ion effect to make sure the hair retains moisture and gives a glossy finish.