Fornetto Pizza Oven

Fornetto Pizza Oven delicately balances both beauty and functionality in a way that makes it the real hero of any outdoor event you may have in mind. It employs its dual oven chambers to smoke or bake your food conventionally. The bottom chamber holds the fire that cooks your food, while the top chamber holds the food.

This oven is easy to operate. If you want to smoke or bake, all you have to do is remove the ashtray and rack in the bottom chamber and light a fire either using charcoal or wood. As soon as this is done and the chamber preheats, your oven is ready to make delicacies. The inside chamber two cooking surface options. You can put your food in either the pizza stone inside the cooking chamber at the top or the sliding racks made of stainless steel. These racks are large enough to accommodate plenty of food.

The cooking chamber’s bottom has a ceramic brick lining; this helps the oven retain as much heat as is possible. Fornetto Pizza Oven is also fitted with both chimney control knobs and smoker adjustment knobs so you have an easy time smoking your food. These knobs give you unmatched precision so you are very much in control of your cooking. The oven’s beauty lies mostly in its unique aesthetic design as well as its powder coated stainless steel exterior. Its interior is made of insulated stainless steel.

This oven has a thermometer and large glass window so you can monitor your food as it cooks. The bottom chamber’s door has a detachable smoker box. This allows you to add extra flavor or water when you are cooking in smoke mode. It also has enough storage space and sits on a steel cart with two wheels; moving it from point to point is therefore very easy.