All You Should Know About Tower Gardening

Tower Gardening

Everyone wants to grow organic food in their backyard, and it is no wonder tower gardening is the latest trend. Its popularity has given rise to many container manufacturers, and some like has the best reviews as it enables tower gardening even without a large piece of land to grow food at home. This type of garden can also make space look attractive and beautiful. This review will tell you all you should know about tower gardening.

Tower garden and its benefits:
Space is a constraint in most cities; a tower garden addresses this concern by going vertical. That also means these plants are aeroponic, growing with only water and air and no soil. There are numerous types of plants you can grow and also have a roof or balcony garden without having to use soil. It enables your space to look attractive and also saves you money as you grow your produce. Some of the other benefits are as below:
Fewer weeds than the traditional garden, so de-weeding will not have to be a regular activity
No pest infestation on your plants as there is no soil usage.
Grow your food or plants and eat produce that is organic.
Eat healthy and safe fresh food with no harmful pesticides.

Type of foods that are grown in a tower garden:
You can produce a variety of foods that your family enAjoys. Broccoli, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes, etc. can be grown in your garden. You can also grow herbs like cilantro, basil. Oregano, parsley and much more. You can also grow flowers and beautify your space, that proves that you can produce almost everything that you can grow in a traditional garden but with less space, time and resources.

Taste of the produce:
The flavor of the food that you grow in a tower garden is much better than that you get from the local supermarket. Also, the food that you get in these shops would have been picked many days or weeks before you consume it and is also harvested much before it is ripe. When you consume the food that you grow in your garden, it can be left until it is ripe and consume fresh food and experience the taste that you have never known. It tastes good even if you freeze it.

Cost of the tower garden:
You can purchase the tower garden system with seeds and all the things that you will need to start for about 500$. This tower will have a place to grow about 20 plants, and if you need more, you can order extensions which allow you to develop 28 plant varieties. A beginner at gardening can start with a single tower and then extend, but for a seasoned gardener, the family garden pack works best as it can save you a few bucks. Though the upfront costs look high, the amount of produce and the variety that you can grow makes up for it. Added to it, there is the advantage of growing fresh food in your backyard which is organic and pest free.